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Handmade Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace with Smokey Quartz Drop Pendant

Handmade Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace with Smokey Quartz Drop Pendant

Jewelry by Athina

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Handmade Beaded Necklace of Colorful Tourmaline with Faceted Smokey Quartz Drop Pendant

  • Smoky quartz with olive green hue hand wrapped on beautifully colored tourmaline beaded necklace.
  • Perfect for layering, wearing long or wrapping.
  • Length: 25" 
  • SKU #N0047

Gemstone Properties:
Smoky Quartz
- Grounding and Removing Negativity; Brings physical and psychic protection. Protects from negative energy. Helps calm the mind for meditation. Relieves stress, fear and pain. Helpful for those that want to quit smoking.
Black: Protection and Grounding.Encourages positive outlook. Releases stress.
Brown: Self acceptance. Discover the emotional aspects of negative issues you can release to move forward in life.
Bi-Color (pink and green) Self-Healing and Self-Nurturing in relation to your emotions – opens you up to giving and receiving love on all levels.
Blue: Helps you see emotional trauma and imbalance so you can release the patterns that hold you back.
Green: Self-healing.
Pink: Emotional healing. Purifies the energy of emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Joy and Happiness.


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